New Mexico Florida Mountain Persian Ibex Hunts


Florida Mountain Persian Ibex Hunts

NM HUNTCO offers hunts as follows:

 Fully Outfitted Service: Includes guide, meals, lodging/camp as well as pack out, trophy and meat care.

  • 5 days rifle/muzzleloader only 1×1** $5,500 

Guided Only: Includes guide, trophy and meat care. 

  • 5 days rifle/muzzleloader 1×1 **$3,150

Justin Hendricks will be the primary guide on these hunts. He has experience hunting the Florida’s and knowledge of these beautiful animals habits. 

  • Ibex License Fees (Due at time of application)
    • Game Hunting $65 (Required to apply for game license)
    • License $1623 (Includes non-refundable application fee of $13)
    • Habitat Stamps $9 for both HMAV and HAB (Required for all public hunts)

New Mexico Persian Ibex

NM HUNTCO is permitted in the Las Cruces BLM Resource Area:

  • Rifle Ibex IBX-1-525
  • Muzzy Ibex IBX-3-540
  • No Archery Offered