Public Land Hunts

Jon Crump is assisting us and will get the required documents to you to apply through JFW Ranch Consulting, LLC. Please email Jon at for assistance.

We are open for business in 2017 and are excited about the upcoming public lands hunt season. New Mexico forage conditions are great in most areas and we are seeing the quality of all big game and birds in some of the best health ever. Our business model for the public draw proved successful again with overall draw results at 32% (down from 39% in 2015) in April 2016.

The “Turk Case” was overturned in federal court in 2014. The overturning of the age old Turk case by a Federal Judge allowed for the quota to be applied to all New Mexico Bighorn Sheep, all Ibex hunts, and all Oryx hunts. While this was a big positive for resident hunters, it hit the non-residents hard once again. Strange as it may be…..a majority of all these species reside on federal lands owned by all of us, yet the quota applied gives a strong preference to residents. We all pay taxes and Pittman Robertson kicks in huge money to the state Game Department via taxes paid by all US citizens. State Wildlife areas purchased are typically funded by Pittman Robertson Act money. Restricting these areas to residents and limiting cow tags 100% to residents on Federal Lands needs to be analyzed very carefully.

In early 2014, our minimum guide service, FKA our SB196 Semi Guided Hunt, was modified slightly from previous years. The offering now provides for 2 FULL DAYS “guided only” and applies to deer, elk, and antelope only. This offering is better described once you click on that particular link. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the pros, cons, and our optimism on how this minor change will enhance your harvest objective, by providing an even better quality service during your hunt adventure in New Mexico. Call Kelly or Jim at 505-294-7861 anytime between 8-5, 7 days a week.

JFWRC DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE! Your desire to hunt is all that matters and we will do whatever we can to make that happen. Remember, our goal is your success and our mission is to have you come to New Mexico to hunt as a valued client and leave as a lifelong friend.

Whomever you choose to help you take that trophy of a lifetime, be sure your outfitter/guide is permitted to operate in areas advertised. JFWRC is proud to state that we have Priority USFS Permits in the Carson, the Gila, and Cibola and Lincoln Forests. We are permitted on WSMR and the Farmington, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Pecos BLM Districts.We are also permitted to hunt NM State Lease lands. Again, be sure your outfitter/guide has the proper permitting before you contract with them.