New Mexico’s Rio Hondo Land and Cattle Barbary Sheep (Aoudad) Hunts

Private Barbary Sheep (Aoudad) Hunts on the Rio Hondo

This 100,000+ deeded acre wildlife mecca is located in SE New Mexico and encompasses the fertile bottom lands of the Hondo River, as it meanders toward Roswell. Wildlife on this ranch is managed by Troy Omness. Troy and his crew of guides know every nook and cranny on this vast empire.

The Barbary hunting is bar none the best in NM. JFWRC is privileged to offer all (8) of the trophy ram hunts on this ranch. We literally have a blast on this place every year!

Guiding for rams is 2×1 and lodging is provided.  We hunt these rams beginning on February 1st. The hunts are 5 days. Good rams are 28+. Exceptional Rams are 30+. Opportunity runs 100%. Harvest is more in the 80% range.

JFWRC provides a welcome barbecue dinner the night of arrival, then catered dinners brought in from Carrizozo, NM.   JFWRC provides a quick breakfast lineup of coffee, tea, OJ, cereals, oatmeal, fruit etc,  to get you out the door. Midday, we will have sandwich meats, bread, chips and various snacks to get you going for the afternoon hunts.  We do not have a cook or dishwasher so, we ask that all hunters pitch in and help get things done. The lodge has a full kitchen with all necessary utensils. Should have you have a specific diet or specific items you like to eat, go ahead and bring them. There is a small store at Hondo and a small mini-mart located at Tinnie, NM which is 2 miles from the lodge.

State Licenses are the hunters’ responsibility. You can buy them online and we will help get that done if you have problems. The hunt code is BBY-1-200

 We also assist Troy in booking hunters into the Rio Hondo Private Ranch Elk Hunts. This elk hunting takes place in two 3,200 acre class A game parks located on the Circle Bar portion of the Rio. Bulls are managed to exceed 380. Many 400+ bulls have been harvested from the Rio’s private hunting areas. When spots are available, we highly suggest hunting mule deer on this ranch as well.